How Does Bone Owl Puzzles Compare to Other High-Quality Brands?

We’ve taken a quality-first approach to puzzle making to ensure that every Bone Owl Puzzle is world-class.

This means:

- Only using thick, single-ply, premium blue puzzle board. Single ply is important in preventing the puzzle board backing from splitting in half, like is often the case with cheaper multi-ply boards that are glued together in layers.

- We use a heavy-weight linen-textured paper for all Bone Owl Puzzles which is a significantly higher quality material than lighter-weight papers. The linen texture provides a unique look to each piece and holds up much better over time. It also holds the ink for the puzzle illustration beautifully.

- Utilizing only sharp puzzle die cutting that punches cleanly and completely through the puzzle board to create the individual pieces. Cheaper techniques by budget brands often result in incomplete cuts that require you to rip and tear the pieces apart manually, often damaging the pieces.

In short – we’ve demanded the highest quality at every step of production in order to bring you a world-class puzzle experience, second to none.

What Do Your “Random” Style Puzzle Pieces Look Like?

The photo below shows Bone Owl's "random" style pieces on the left, and traditional "grid" style puzzle pieces on the right.

Random vs Grid Style Puzzle Pieces

We feel the random style shapes adds more variety and fun to your puzzle experience as every single piece is entirely unique!

Where Are Your Puzzles Manufactured?

Every Bone Owl Puzzle is made in the USA at our world-class puzzle factory.

I'm An Artist - Can We Work Together?

We'll certainly consider it!

Please send us an email with a link to some examples of your work to: info@boneowl.com

How Do You Handle Missing Pieces?

Thankfully our factory uses a “closed” system for puzzle production where the puzzles are cut and bagged in one motion, virtually eliminating any chance of lost pieces before the box is sealed.

However, if you find yourself missing a piece for any reason, please contact us directly and we’ll happily help you with that: info@boneowl.com

Wholesale Inquiries

If you would like to carry our products in your retail store, please contact us directly at info@boneowl.com

Do You Offer International Shipping?

Currently, our website only ships to the USA (www.boneowl.com) and Canada (www.boneowl.ca)

However, we’ve partnered with Amazon.com to handle all of our international shipping through their site directly: Click Here)